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U.S. Army Adult Coloring Book military families

The U.S. Army Coloring Book by Craft and Color Co

Your branch. Your history. Your traditions. Explore your favorite parts of the U.S. Army in this custom-designed, officially-licensed coloring boo...
5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected During COVID - craftandcolorco

5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected During COVID

For nearly everyone, these past 8 months have been some of the most difficult EVER. If, like me, social connections are vital to your well-being (and honestly, they are for us all to some degree!) then you’re probably taking the pandemic-induced social restrictions particularly hard.  I get it. I think we all do.

If you’re pining for the days of leisurely coffees with friends or wine tastings somewhere other than your living room … well, we can’t fix that.  But we CAN offer some simple ideas for how to stay connected in these truly challenging times.
Blog-8 Great Ideas for the Absolute Best College Care Package-Craft and Color Co

8 Great Ideas for the Absolute Best College Care Package

I’ve got two different stories for you, both with the same ending. Story #1 So, you’ve done it! The first few months of school have whirled by in a...
Blog-How to Pack for College (and Take Your Memories With You)-Craft and Color Co

How to Pack for College (and Bring Your Memories With You)

Packing: Where Do You Start? I’ll never forget the night I sat down to pack for college. My new school had sent me a suggested list of items, but e...