About Us

You Say You Want an Evolutio-o-o-n...

Woman with red hair sitting in front of green wall (Pam, Craft and Color Co)

Let me back up.

College Coloring Books began as a love letter to Sweet Briar College. I intended for my little company to head out into the higher ed world and help other small colleges share their own artful love letters within their close-knit communities.

It became so much more than that; organizations outside of higher ed wanted their own coloring books, too. Who can blame them, right?

I went back to the drawing board to regroup, refocus, and redefine the mission, vision, and values behind "College Coloring Books." The name didn't quite fit anymore; thus the evolution to Craft and Color Co!

Craft and Color Co brings you the same spirit, the same creative spark, and the same sense of connection and community...for more of your passions.

pencil drawing a spiral

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us with questions, comments, and custom requests.