Brands We Love

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When I find something I love, I can’t wait to share it.  These are all brands that I love and want you to know about!  (Tell them I sent you!)

Sweet Briar College and Book Shop

I make no secret of my love for my college — in addition to being a force that shaped me and continues to connect me to a world of inspiring, passionate women of all ages, it was also one of my main inspirations for starting my own company.  The Sweet Briar Bookshop was also the first brick & mortar shop to carry my coloring books.  Learn more about Sweet Briar here, and snag some awesome SBC swag here.


My husband is retired from the U.S. Army.  I’m really proud of him and his service to our country, and incredibly grateful for the efforts and sacrifices not just of our active duty military personnel, but for those of their spouses and families, as well.  Anything that makes the lives of these warrior families a little brighter makes me super happy.  Kristin at MILSOBox sends a box full of comfort and sunshine to military and first responder spouses around the world.  We’re proud to have been part of a box this year!

Serenity Nail Polish

I am so inspired by creative, entrepreneurial women who find a way to build their businesses and be a great mom at the same time.  Enter Jasmine, who created Serenity Nail Polish together with her young daughter, Serenity.  They make gorgeous, fun, vegan nail polishes that totally speak to me in terms of color and opportunity for self-expression.  I am such a fan of their brand and their business!

Rowan Tree

Are you northern VA based (or anywhere, actually — they have fully remote memberships, too!) and in need of a supportive, flexible co-working environment full of fabulous women business owners and allies?  You want Rowan Tree.  I joined Rowan Tree because although being an entrepreneur is exciting, fulfilling, and liberating, it can also be lonely.  It’s so helpful to have a team of other female entrepreneurs who have been through what I’m going through and who inspire and uplift me with their support and belief in what I’m building.  You’ve got to get yourself some of this energy!

Knueven Soap

You know how, when you start something new, it is so, so hard to be “the new kid” who doesn’t know anyone or how anything works?  That’s how it was for me when I started selling at a local craft show.  I’d done craft shows before, but not THIS one, and I felt overwhelmed by all the newness (exacerbated by it being my first in-person show post-COVID).  In preparation for the big day, I poked around online and found an awesome soap seller who seemed to sell frequently at that market.  And guess whose booth was next to mine when I arrived?!  Karyn sells gorgeous, beautifully scented soaps and you should check them out.  (The cats are my favorites.)


Being an entrepreneur who sells online is hard — I didn’t start this business because I love building websites or setting up Etsy shops, but I’m having to learn how to do those things in order to be successful.  Hallelujah for Flourish, which is a community of online retailers and experts who have already done whatever I’m trying to muddle through.  From advice on SEO to branding to holiday sales timelines, Flourish is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to sell online without having managing their online shop become the worst part of their day (that’s still the dishes).


When you think about it, it makes sense — tons of military spouses and veterans run small businesses to help support their families.  A creative, mostly online business can bring in extra income, fit around a busy schedule, and travel anywhere a family might be relocated to.  Spouse-ly is an online marketplace made up of exclusively military, military spouse, and veteran owned businesses.  It’s a great way to shop for something perfect while supporting these hardworking families.  I’m proud to sell on Spouse-ly.