The U.S. Army Coloring Book by Craft and Color Co

coloring book page with U.S. Army text on top of camouflage jacket

Your branch. Your history. Your traditions.

Explore your favorite parts of the U.S. Army in this custom-designed, officially-licensed coloring book. Within these pages are some of the most-loved values, symbols, and institutions of your or your loved one’s uniformed service. Lend your personal artistic touch to our images to create your own unique and meaningful pieces of art.


adult coloring page from U.S. Army Coloring Book deployment

Kick off your boots … unwind, and connect. 

Coloring is a great form of stress relief.  It’s therapeutic, it’s portable, it’s socially acceptable, and it works for anything between a 5-minute break or a long evening of downtime.  It works for a solo evening at home or a night in with friends.  And no one needs more stress relief than soldiers and military families, whether going through deployment, relocation, or adjusting to life after service.  Our U.S. Army Coloring Book can ease the stress of time apart while helping you to feel more connected.  It’s stress relief with a deeper meaning.
coloring page that reads "support our troops" partially colored in pink and green, sitting on a tabletop that is also holding colored pencils, popcorn, a cup of coffee and a variety of coloring pages, with a woman's hands holding a pink colored pencil

Stay connected when you’re far apart.

Any coloring book will work for stress relief, but only this one can also celebrate and honor your traditions and the community to which you are so strongly tied.  Any coloring book can keep the kids busy while you’re getting a few things done around the house, but only this one can also help them to feel a little closer to a parent who is far away.  Any coloring book can give you a chance to be creative and artistic, but only this one is full of the symbols and slogans that represent what it is to be connected to the U.S. Army.
dog tag adult coloring page from U.S. Army Coloring Book military families

The U.S. Army coloring book can be:

  • A great gift to a deploying soldier
  • A meaningful way for an Army wife or husband to both relieve stress and feel connected to a deployed partner
  • A loving way for a child to stay connected to a deployed parent
  • A touching beginning to a personalized note from home
  • A thoughtful way of keeping in touch with friends who are being reassigned around the world
  • A unique gift for a veteran
  • A creative outlet that keeps things simple
  • A perfect way to let your favorite soldier or army family know that you’re thinking of them
  • A wonderful way to celebrate the Month of the Military Child
Our U.S. Army Coloring Book has delighted our customers.  Here are some excerpts from recent reviews:
“I sent this to an Army Veteran. Her response....”I just got your gift!!! I LOVE IT!!! Tell the artist it's amazing!!!” … What more can I say? Thank you. It was the perfect gift.”
“My SIL loved this! She's currently home with 2 little ones while my brother is deployed overseas. She said the book is gorgeous and coloring in it is very relaxing. Thanks.”
“Oh! Come on NOW! This is awesome and AMAZING! YAY! Beautiful work, printed upon nice paper with one side only so I’m NOT ruining the coloring page on the back! If it sounds too good to be true, then LISTEN up! It is wonderful. Such a great coloring book. THE best to gift … Buy it! Buy it now!”
Our original, detailed designs are printed on the pages of our U.S. Army Coloring Book on thick, high-quality paper.  All of the images are single-sided, allowing them to be removed from the book, used as individual coloring pages, and framed, stuck to the fridge, or mailed, with a heartfelt note on the back, to your favorite soldier, wherever they may be.
adult coloring page from U.S. Army Coloring Book Month of the Military Child

Buy your U.S. Army Coloring Book today!

Craft and Color Co is a small, woman-owned, home-based business, and our founder is married to a U.S. Army veteran.  Thank you for supporting our small business!
The U.S. Army name, trademarks, and logos are protected under federal law and used under license by College Coloring Books, LLC/dba Craft & Color Co.

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