How Coloring Books Can Inspire Your Wedding Day (No, Really!)

Spring has sprung, the scent of flowers is on the breeze, and love is in the air. And that means … it’s nearly wedding season!

College Coloring Books Wedding Couple on Ground

Ok, so weddings don’t technically have a season — you can get married any old time. But we typically get more wedding invitations in the spring than any other time of the year. So we thought the warmer weather and bursts of fresh flowers in the garden made it the perfect time to share some excellent ways you could incorporate coloring into your next wedding celebration. And we've got ideas for you whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest.

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To the Bride!

If you’re looking for great ways you can include coloring in your own wedding … first of all congratulations! Mostly on your upcoming nuptials, of course. But also for being clever and creative enough to gather ideas about how to make your unique wedding even more colorful!

College Coloring Books Wedding Bride's Colorful Bouquet

Ok, so you’re getting married, and you love to color. Or maybe you're super artsy. Or maybe you’re just looking for some unique decor or a sentimental piece of artwork to create and commemorate your day. We've got you covered.

Drum Roll, Please!

Wedding Party Gifts

If you're a major coloring enthusiast, or if a member or two of your bridal party is, a coloring gift is a lovely way to personalize your gift to your closest girlfriends. A coloring book that reflects your shared interests, or an inside joke, makes a fantastic gift. And you can make it even better by adding in some coloring supplies, such as elegant pens or fun markers! And even better: if your bridesmaids went to college with you, or are your sorority sisters, a College Coloring Books Gift Set makes an awesome and truly individual present!

Gift Sets are available by special order only — so we can truly make them just for you! Contact us for more information.

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Coloring Thank You Notes

A thank you note is an absolute must for a thoughtful wedding gift. (Yes, we are old school on this; a thank you note is totally non-negotiable.) To make the process way more fun and much more personal, consider coloring Thank You notecards. When you personalize each one, your guests will know that you took the extra time to create something just for them. This idea would also work with coloring invitations or save-the-date cards! Though you might find that your pre-wedding schedule is already packed, you might also find the coloring process to be relaxing and therapeutic while you prepare for your big day!

College Coloring Books Wedding Invitation

Reception Table Themes

You want to do something unique for your guests at the reception and guarantee that they will get to know each other, right? Set up each table with a coloring book (or a coloring poster, or printable coloring pages) and coloring supplies, and give each table its own theme: sports at one table, botanical at another, and a book featuring high-brow Shakespearean insults at another! Seat sorority sisters at one table and provide Greek life coloring pages. Or, seat guests who attended two rival schools together and invite them to out-color each other between the salad and entrée courses! Everyone will have something to talk about and something to do if they don’t feel like hitting the dance floor.

Bonus: this works even if you’re seating your fiancé’s rugby buddies with your great-aunt Mildred.

College Coloring Books Wedding Colorful Tablescape

Guest … Book?

My absolute favorite idea for including coloring in your wedding day is to replace a traditional guest book with a coloring poster. Guests can color in a bit of the artwork and add a note of good wishes in the margins. The result is a completely unique, heartfelt gift, just for the two of you. College Coloring Books Wedding Alternative Guest Book

Check out some of these other alternative guest book ideas from our favorite Etsy sellers; you can't go wrong with any of them!

No KIDding!

Generally, we tend to focus on adult coloring pages and books here at College Coloring Books, but we can't help but point out that coloring for kids is a great idea at a wedding, too. Want to keep the kids’ table busy during the toasts, or keep them from trying to figure out which one of the side-dishes is the most aerodynamic in a food fight? Then providing them with some printable kid-friendly coloring pages and some crayons is a smart way to go.

For You!

We don’t need to tell you that planning a wedding is like taking on another job. And most likely on top of whatever job you were already doing. It can go on for a while, and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Remember that coloring has been proven to be an excellent stress reliever and mood enhancer! When the deadlines and pressure start piling up, don’t forget to make a little time for yourself. Coloring is just the thing to make you feel grounded, focused and ready to go (again!).

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Coloring On The Go

Last summer, we shared some great ideas for coloring and travel. Whether you want some fun supplies to stick in your purse while you wait between appointments, or if you’re looking for something (else) fun to do on your honeymoon, check out some of our fun travel coloring inspirations.

Brides: Stop Reading Here. The Rest Is Not For You!

No, I'm serious! Off you go!

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Hello, Bridesmaids!

Hi ladies! Now that the brides are gone (they ARE gone, right???), we can share our idea for celebrating the bride! If your bestie is getting married, and she loves coloring, why not include coloring in her bridal shower? A shared coloring project like a coloring poster is a great get-to-know-you activity for the guests, and it will leave the bride with a one-of-a-kind memory made by all of her favorite people! A college- or sorority-themed coloring poster is a special way for everyone to connect to something dear to the bride, even if they aren't your official sisters. If your BFF prefers laid-back events, grab a coloring poster or some printable coloring pages, a few bottles of wine, and her favorite movies for a totally chilled-out bachelorette party.

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Yes, Will Attend

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If you’re a guest, you don’t have to plan anything; you get to show up and enjoy yourself! And give a gift to the happy couple, of course. If the bride is a colorist, a coloring-themed gift is creative, heartfelt, and unique. If she's your sorority sister or college classmate, we suggest the above-mentioned custom College Coloring Book Gift Set, which can include everything she needs for a trip down memory lane.


So, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest at an upcoming wedding, we hope we’ve inspired some coloring-based creativity in your plans. Let us know which of these ideas got your attention and how they worked out. Have a different idea? Share it in the comments below. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or drop us an email and tell us how you included coloring in your wedding celebration!

As always, thanks for being part of our coloring community!

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