Why You Should Be Coloring Right Now

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Unless you've been an adult coloring fan the past few years and have been soaking up the benefits of your hobby, you're probably wondering

"What's an adult coloring book? Why would I want to color? Is this really something people do? Didn't we all stop doing that when we were 12?  Is this *ahem* a mature-audiences-only kinda thing*? And why should I be coloring right now?"

Over the past few years, adults have rediscovered the fun, relaxation, and general benefit of coloring. It's been in the news, changed publishing trends, taken over Amazon's best sellers, and caused a worldwide colored pencil shortage (seriously).

It's a legitimate craze.

Some people use an app to "color" digital pictures (we use them, too!), but for many others, nothing beats the joy of sitting down with a sharp pencil, lush marker, or trusty crayon to illustrate their own masterpiece.


There's not just one reason. Overwhelmingly, adult coloring enthusiasts report stress relief, mindfulness, peacefulness, and a sense of therapeutic quiet as reasons that they color. There's also an undeniable aspect of nostalgia. In this age of constant connection to our computers and smart devices, there's an unmistakable allure to doing something that requires no more technology than an electric light … and even that is decidedly optional.

But, trends and best seller lists aside, the idea of art as relaxation, hobby--or even therapy--is nothing new. Therapists and psychologists have long used the creation of art to help their patients center, refocus, and work through complex mental and emotional obstacles.

One of the biggest reasons to start coloring right now is the variety of choices available to a grown-up who wants to color in something other than her niece's "My Little Pony" coloring book (because, though that can be a lot of fun, let's be honest -- if you color Twilight Sparkle's tail the wrong color, you will be in BIG trouble) has expanded tremendously. There are myriad general interest books, to be sure, and the number of coloring books available for niche markets has exploded. You can find books about dog breeds, vacation destinations, favorite movies, and almost any hobby you can imagine.

And this is where we come in.

College Coloring Books creates detailed designs pulled directly from your collegiate, sorority, or fraternity experiences. We combine the peacefulness of coloring with the connection to a part of your world and your community … with the added benefit of royalties paid to your alma mater or Greek life organization. What could be more fun?

And we go beyond that, as well. Want something we don't currently offer? Just ask! As a small, woman-owned business, we are able to respond to individual requests quickly and with a personal touch.

So, if you're new to this adult coloring craze, welcome! If you're already on the bandwagon, thanks for joining us here.

Get started coloring right now!

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We are excited to share our passion with you!


  * No, it's not. At least, not from us!

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  • A couple of years ago I went to a conference and in the lobby area they offered tables with coloring posters and pencils. They were a hit! Everyone commented on how all the introverts were enjoying the option of participating in a low stress activity.

    Janet Schiesl

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