7 Perfect Products for Coloring on the Go

If you’re like me, the digital age of travel entertainment isn’t working out for you quite how you imagined.

Here’s how my summer trip will probably go:

  • We’ll get the kids strapped into their seats on the plane (or in the car, once we get there).
  • One will get the iPhone, one will get the iPad, my husband will be reading something on his phone, and …
  • … I’ll sit there reading the in-flight magazine because I forgot to take my book out of the overhead bin (again!) and/or it got jettisoned in my last ditch effort to get the suitcase zipped (again!) before we left the house.

This has happened, EXACTLY like this, more than I care to admit. Which is why I feel silly that it’s just now occurring to me — I COULD BE COLORING.

I mean, why the heck not?!?

Since my kids were little, I’ve faithfully packed crayons, markers, and pencils–plus coloring and/or activity books–on every.single.trip we’ve ever taken. (They have an honored place on my list alongside paper towels and Ziploc bags – things we never travel without.)

In all honesty, the books and pencils don’t get a ton of attention from the kids. (Unless the phones run out of charge.  Or we’ve been in the car sooooo long that they’ve watched every episode of Paw Patrol on the iPad.) But for ME? This is a FANTASTIC idea!  While the kids are watching videos or catapulting birds into pigs, I can do something for ME: something relaxing, fun, and therapeutic.

Because who doesn’t need a little therapy during a travel day with the kiddos!?

When I had this idea, I stopped by my local art/school/office supply shop and perused the offerings.  They had a variety of pencils, markers, and crayons for coloring; a few sets were specifically for travel. But they were generally bulky, and with very limited color variety. They were exactly like the travel sets I’ve bought over the years … for my kids

But none of them really spoke to me. I was surprised, given the explosion of adult coloring, that there wasn’t a single product available for me to take on my travels!  There MUST be somethingsomewhere to fill this need!

I turned to the interwebz, did some googlies, and found some fabulous items on Etsy. I am so excited about these fantastic supplies for traveling with all of my coloring goodies! (I can neither confirm nor deny that some of these are already on the way to my house in anticipation of my summer trip.)

As a fox fan (and a Sweet Briar Vixen!) this set was one of the first to catch my eye! It’s an elasticized case to carry pencils or markers with you on your next trip.

Here’s one with a variety of fabric choices (foxes included!) that ALSO includes pencils.

I love these elegant colored pencil sets.

Want something to carry your pencils/markers AND your current book? Check out these tote options:

For an absolute splurge (or maybe a gift idea)? Check out these gorgeous Prismacolors!

I’m seriously excited to have found these things, and I will be packing my favorite Sweet Briar College coloring book for my next trip, along with some new travel pencils!

Now it’s your turn!  Which of these items is your favorite?  Have you found other travel supplies you love?  Have you taken a look at our printable coloring pages?  Or joined our mailing list (so you can print some free coloring pages)?  Share your ideas or completed artwork with us, and we’ll pass your ideas on in a future post!

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