The Next Big Thing in Adult Coloring

There's no denying that coloring is a hobby that has taken the world by storm over the past few years.

For a while, much of the Amazon Top 10 list contained coloring books. Even now that the initial frenzy has cooled off a bit, the entire top 10 of coloring books ever -- both bought and wished for -- include books aimed at adults, rather than children. The huge frenzy over adult coloring started a conversation about all the benefits and enjoyment of coloring as an adult. Along the way, it opened a lot of eyes to the possibility of coloring as a new hobby.

Adult coloring has millions of fans, and it's become a passion for adults of all ages.

It's obvious that as both a trend and as an obsession, adult coloring isn't going anywhere. Yet for those of us who have already discovered the fun, creativity, and relaxation of coloring, what's happening in the world of adult coloring NOW?

So, what's new, and what's coming up next?

Because millions of grown-ups enjoy coloring, the mass market books of mandalas, fairy tales, and nature scenes will probably always be popular. (We love them, too!) Moving forward, the trend is becoming less general and more specific -- less in the mass appeal of pretty pictures, and more towards the specific allure of niche markets. As a result, fandoms, sports teams, fashion books, and (yes!) things like pieces of our past and current histories are all at the front of the current trend.

When you have a passion, it's only natural that you are drawn to it at every turn.

We love to surround ourselves with talismans and reminders of the things that ground us or excite us. I seek out foxes (my collegiate mascot) and flamingos (an inside joke between me and my husband) wherever I go. When I travel, he's likely to get a flamingo souvenir (harder to find in London than in Florida). While I'm entirely likely to get a birthday gift with a fox on it. I love when I see someone on the street wearing a sneaky bit of the Harry Potter or Doctor Who fandoms. There's that fun wink or head nod as we, like-minded enthusiasts, acknowledge each other. And two Sweet Briar alumnae who find each other out in the world are likely to go to extraordinary lengths to connect. It's natural.

These symbols become part of our identity.

Consequently, they're part of how we see ourselves and are seen by others. Most of all, they're small icons of our inclusion in a club of friends and peers. And, when we're talking about coloring, it does even more, in some ways, to connect us to that sensation of coloring as a child -- did you color mandalas when you were 8, or did you pick out something you LOVED, like Wonder Woman or Barbie? Maybe when we choose a coloring book that we love, we aren't only getting the centering, relaxation, and enjoyment that coloring brings, we are also getting a connection to our community, a wave of nostalgia, or a glimpse of our future. It MEANS something TO US.

It becomes even more than a coloring book.

As a company with a targeted clientele, we see every day how much having a product with personal appeal can delight our customers, so we get it. (And, of course, we could not be more excited to see this trend towards specific interests developing!) Having a coloring book that means something TO YOU -- something that calls up memories, symbolizes shared memories with friends, or holds dreams for the future -- takes the whole experience to the next level. So, if you've filled your faithful mandala coloring book with color, or you want to pick up something new, keep an eye out for your next book, and look for something that means something special to YOU. (And if you need an idea, or help creating something special for you, let us know!) by Emily Calle for College Coloring Books

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