The Hottest New Trend in Real Estate ... Coloring?

Real estate coloring books?!? Get out of here!

As we’ve been saying, the coloring trend isn’t ending, it’s evolving! We just read in the Wall Street Journal (which is not exactly a coloring industry publication!) about this cool new idea of introducing coloring into the real estate market, and we’re so thrilled! Who could have seen real estate coloring books becoming a thing? (If anyone was going to, it would have been US!) In fact, we’re feeling super inspired! So we’ll be launching a line of downloadable coloring pages of our favorite pieces of (collegiate!) architecture.

And … we have a few other new surprises up our sleeves! We’ll post again here on the blog as things develop, so make sure you’re following us through our mailing list, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Facebook page for all of our latest news! You don't want to miss out!

We can’t wait to show you how we’ll be bringing all of our extensive experience in the architectural coloring realm into the real estate market!

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