The 3 next big things in adult coloring!

At College Coloring Books, we're often over here going on and on about the continued vibrancy of the adult coloring market, or waxing poetic about how niche coloring books and printable coloring pages are the big new thing. (If you’ve been around here a while, this is not news to you.) But honestly, nothing is greater proof of the enthusiasm behind adult coloring books right now than the fact that we basically have new coloring books coming out of our ears (or wherever) these days! (Seriously, it's crazy around here. Send coffee.)

So, to celebrate just a few of the schools that have new books coming up for you this summer, we’re highlighting three of them, and opening up pre-orders on these new College Coloring Books TODAY!* We are SO EXCITED to share these new books with all of you! (OMG!!!! Ok, then maybe less coffee.)

So, let’s see who we’ve got joining the flock!


Washington and Lee

Washington & Lee University

Welcome Generals!

Washington & Lee has a long and rich history. (Like getting special presents from none other than good old George Washington himself. And, is it true that your school was seriously founded before America was even a thing? That's pretty impressive.) Also, we’ll be among the first to admit — as a student at W&L, you’ll find yourself in one of the most beautiful places ever to go to college! (It's not that we're biased, it's just that we went to school just on the other side of the mountain …) But W&L is so much more than a lasting history and a gorgeous setting -- it's also a totally great school.

In the spirit of long tradition and general impressiveness (see what I did there?), we are so excited to share your College Coloring Book with you! In it, you will see:

  • The Colonnade
  • Lee Chapel
  • House Mountain
  • and so many more!

Michigan State

Michigan State University

Hey there Spartans!

At Michigan State, you've got A LOT going for you. For starters, piles of National Championships for football, basketball, and ice hockey (to name just a few). Plus, you're one of the largest (and seriously, one of the most impressive) universities in the US, with strengths in science, arts, academics and athletics. And, Michigan State is a big place -- there are truly a TON of Spartans out there!

For such a huge school with a vast community of students and alumni, we get that it isn't possible for Michigan State to be just one thing to everyone. It's a little different for each person who passes through there. It means something a little different to each one. For your College Coloring Book, we've tried to give you that feeling of community and shared experience that can bring you all together. We've included:

  • Broad Art Museum
  • Spartan Stadium
  • Breslin Center
  • and even more!

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Hello Fighting Hawks!

As a student at the University of North Dakota, you've got a passion for a great education and an enthusiasm for becoming a great leader. Plus, you probably also enjoy a great hockey game! Your school is known for its strong community and a vibrant Greek life. (If you're a member of a Greek life organization, be sure to also check out our line of Sorority and Fraternity products!) Well, we specialize in celebrating collegiate communities, and we're honored to help you share the community you've created at UND. It's a community made up not only of your friends, but also one that connects you through the decades to those who came before and those who will come after.

We are so excited to have created a custom College Coloring Books JUST FOR the students, alumni and parents of UND. You book includes:

  • Gamble Hall
  • Robin Hall
  • the Eternal Flame
  • and much more!

We can't wait to show you all what we've created for you! We are so excited and honored to welcome you all to the College Coloring Books family! Pre-order your books today, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or by joining our mailing list so that you don't miss a single thing about this colorful, exciting new adventure!

* W&L -- Your book is exclusively available through your campus book shop!

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