Why Coral is the Spark Behind our Rebrand

In case you hadn’t yet heard, we launched our new evolution, Craft and Color Co, a few weeks ago!  We’re expanding how we bring community and connection to your world, by thinking beyond the campus.

As part of our new venture, we’re embracing a new color palette that defines the new “us.”  They’re colors that fill us with excitement and motivation.  They speak to who we are and who we want to become.  They inspire us to create and to share our love of crafting and coloring with YOU!

Teal and orange fishing boat in ocean waters

The last of our new color palette is a warm, vibrant, peachy coral that transports us to a beach in the tropics or the hearth on a winter night.

Coral is summer.  It is warmth, vibrancy, comfort.  It’s an embrace, a tropical breeze, a bite into a ripe and juicy peach.  Coral makes us feel open, excited, ready for what’s next.  It is a “pop” of creativity, a flash of inspiration, a rush of energy.

Coral is a burst of bright contrast in the blue of a cool ocean.  It is life and rebirth in the tropical sea.  It is the glow of a sunset, the lush fragrance of a tropical blossom, and the spark from a campfire against the night sky.

(Coral is also SO on trend right now!  Truthfully, though, rebrands take a ton of time, and this was one of our colors even BEFORE Pantone picked a nearly identical shade to be Color of the Year for 2019!  Go us!  We’re ahead of the times!)

We are so excited to share this next chapter of the College Coloring Books story with you!  We hope you feel as inspired as we do to grow and create!  Join our mailing list for printable coloring pages, exclusive discount codes, and preview access to our newest products!

Palm tree with coral and purple sunset

Village on side of snowy hill at night with houses glowing from within

Lighthouse with coral and purple sunset

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