Announcing: Craft and Color Co!

I have a confession, friends.

A year ago, I would have rolled my eyes and told you that there’s no such thing as growing too big, too fast; heck, my mantra for 2018 was THINK BIGGER.

And boy, did I ever.

In fact, I think biggered enough (shhh…new word…go with it) that I nearly thought College Coloring Books out of existence.

I ended the year with two options: shut down or regroup.  As I sifted through the remains of 2018, two things became clear:

  1. As a sole proprietor, I could not create meaningful artwork when working with more than a dozen schools at the same time. It was unfair to them…and to me.

  2. I had reached a point where the name “College Coloring Books” no longer fit; secondary-education schools and non-education organizations wanted their own custom coloring books, too! And, we now create so many unique and personalized items: coloring notecards, printable coloring pages, coloring posters. We're not just coloring books anymore!

To solve the first problem, I hired two part-time staff; Emily Calle and Melanie Stoppler have been instrumental in helping me to regroup and redefine the mission, vision, and values behind College Coloring Books. (They’ve also taken over social media so it actually…um, gets done.)

As for the second…


College Coloring Books began as a love letter to Sweet Briar College. I intended for this little company to head out into the higher ed world and help other small colleges share their own artful love letters within their close-knit communities.

It became so much more than that and I have been honored to work with large universities, local private schools, small businesses, and the U.S. Army.

So today, I am excited to announce the expansion of College Coloring Books into …

Craft and Color Co!


Craft and Color Co brings you the same spirit, the same creative spark, and the same sense of connection and community…for more of your passions.

With growing pains come growing gains (is that a saying? I’m making it a saying) and I’m so excited to share this journey with you.



It's Here! Craft & Color Co logo with confetti

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