Five Fun Ways to Create a Colorful College Reunion

Reunion, Baby

You spent four years (more or less) with the best friends you've ever made. You learned more about who you are in those years than during any other short span of time in your life. If you’re as lucky as all of us here at College Coloring Books, you spent those years in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. (Seriously. Sweet Briar College. Look it up.)

During those years, you became more of a grown up (probably). You learned, you loved, you grew as a person. You made the sweetest memories and the strongest ties. And ... you’ve been away for far too long!

But it’s time to come back to your heart’s home -- it’s time for reunion!

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Party Time!

Reunion is the time to remember, to reminisce, and to reconnect with your dearest friends. It’s also the time to introduce your amazing college or sorority friends to your family and it's time to introduce your family to the place you’re truly from. Plus, it’s time to join together with your sisters to strengthen and reaffirm your commitment to your alma mater or to your sorority!

But ... it’s also time to celebrate! It's time to party!

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OMG! It's Time for Reunion! Squeeeeee!

If you can’t tell, we are feeling both sentimental and SUPER excited about our college reunion this year! More so because it’s a big one for several of us here at College Coloring Books (it ends in a 0 and starts with a … mumble, mumble ). And we're having all the feels even more so because just a few short years ago, it looked like our college might not even be here for us to celebrate any longer.

But that’s a whole 'nother story, and we just realized we need to share THAT story here sometime, too. It’s a great story! Seriously, there will probably be a movie one day. So, we'll get right on that.

(Update: we did.)

College Coloring Books - Five Fun Ways to Create a Colorful College Reunion - Young Women

But, as it turns out, our college is still going strong, and we are so excited to be heading back to campus! We are thrilled to see our sisters again. And are overjoyed to be heading back to the most beautiful campus we’ve ever seen; and we’re not the only ones. All over the country, people are getting ready to go back "home." They can't wait to catch up with their friends and to see what's new in their schools. But also to celebrate their friendships and to create fabulous new memories, too!

Building New Reunion Memories Means ...

For us, of course, part of the excitement is how we can incorporate coloring into our reunion celebration! Read on for five fun ideas for including your favorite hobby in your own reunion.

  • Bring your specialized College Coloring Book with you to campus. Color the most iconic spots on your campus while sitting in those very places. Bring books for your friends to share because you know they're going to steal your copy.
  • Bring a coloring poster of your campus and invite your friends to contribute to their own corner of it. We are definitely going to do this, by the way! We created a poll on our class page; which poster will win bragging rights? Stay tuned to find out.
  • Bring your own set of College Coloring Book note cards to create personalized thank you notes or messages for anyone you might want to follow up with after reunion. Pro tip: reunion is also a great opportunity to network with members from other classes.
  • Because everyone needs some downtime, too, you might way to take a quiet moment away from the bustle of the celebrating to relax on your own with a favorite printable coloring page. Or two!
  • Somehow you just can't party the way you could in the good ol' days. Nurse that hangover with some greasy grub, a super-strong coffee, and some coloring pages to print. If you can stay inside the lines, you're good to go!

There are so many fabulous ways to include a College Coloring Book in your reunion celebration that we can barely stand it!

College Coloring Books - Five Fun Ways to Create a Colorful College Reunion - Friends

How Do You Color Your Celebrations?

Whether you’re celebrating a BIG reunion at your school, meeting up with former classmates over a glass of wine, or joining your sorority sisters for your annual convention, spring and summer are the perfect time to reconnect with your college friends and celebrate your amazing friendships! And whatever shape those gatherings might take, we know that the connection, fun, and relaxation of coloring together can help build truly special shared memories.

We can’t WAIT to show you how we use coloring at our reunion celebration next month! (Oh yes, there WILL be pictures!) And we want you to share your inspirations and your beautiful creations with us! Tag us on Instagram, post to our Facebook page, include us in your Twitter post, or send us an email with your pictures or ideas! We can’t wait to see them and share our favorites with you!

Enjoy your reunions this spring! May they be as colorful and as festive as you are! And, as always, thanks for reading!

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