College Coloring and Safe Spaces: An Open Letter to Adam Carolla

Dems fightin' words

Comedian Adam Carolla explains why college students don't need coloring books (and other stuff that we won't cover here) in The Hill. And what does he have against dogs?

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"Instead of fostering the development of young adults, colleges are providing coloring books, play-doh, puppies and stuffed animals. It’s basically your four-year-old daughter’s bedroom where one can shut out the challenges, facts and outside world. Providing this bubble-wrapped type of education does not prepare the next generation for the challenges of life. It prepares them for failure." - Adam Carolla

Our response

Mr. Carolla,

How do you feel about students playing frisbee, reading, or going to parties? Like coloring, they are activities that allow anyone -- not just those currently in school -- to blow off steam, relax, and refocus their thoughts. Knitting, running, hanging out with friends, attending a show. All of these are "safe spaces" where a person can unwind.

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Coloring books have been around -- even in college dorms -- for decades. With the popularity of adult coloring -- and the noted benefits thereof -- many organizations have added programs and services that are low-cost, accessible, and provide much-needed stress relief.

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When I was in college, my dorm room was the place to be when my fellow students needed coloring books & crayons. Somehow, I still managed to have a very successful career in IT (customer service, even!) for over 15 years.

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Have you tried adult coloring, Mr. Carolla? I'd be happy to send you a free coloring page to print. It's not for everyone, to be sure, but it's not so different than any other hobby, artistic or otherwise.


Full disclosure: I am a coloring book author, specializing in higher ed. My company creates custom coloring books and printable coloring pages for colleges, universities, sororities, and other organizations.

Pamela Auble Owner and Founder College Coloring Books

Will Mr. Carolla take us up on our offer? We'll let you know!!

Your turn! Have you talked back to someone who dismissed your hobby as irrelevant? Let us know in the comments!

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