5 Quick Ways to Slay Your Dorm Decor

Let’s Talk Dorm Decor!

For a lot of people, their first college dorm room is their first opportunity to make a space their own.

Sure, your school will have rules and guidelines, but these are more along the lines of “no holes in the wall” and less like “navy blue is mom’s favorite color, so that’s what we’re using.” This is your chance to define your space, to create a haven or a party spot, a study zone or a place to hang out … or whatever makes you feel at home!

But, like every great opportunity, dorm decorating can feel a bit daunting when you’re just starting. Relax; we’re here to help! Here are some things to keep in mind on the way, and some inspiration to get you started.

Get Inspired

Look online or in magazines, use Instagram and Pinterest, and find what appeals to you.

What inspires you? The great outdoors? Your favorite hobby? The colors of home? School spirit? Find the ideas that excite you and add your own spin on things. We found some great ideastips, and inspirationsIf you decide to go the extra mile in dorm room decor, check out these fabulous rooms from Texas State, Ole Miss, and Alabama A&M (I sense that the south is leading in the dorm decorating game)!

1. Coordinate with your roommate

This doesn’t have to mean you use the same patterns, the same theme, or even the same colors, but talk to each other and find some common ground. The more harmonious your ideas are, the more comfortable your space will feel at the end of each day. Speaking of RoomMates, check out their collection of wall coverings. Fun, easy, versatile, and easily changeable when the mood strikes!

2. Keep it Clean

Whatever stuff you adorn your room with — bedding, floor coverings, knick-knacks, lights, window treatments — you will have to clean it at some point. Things that are difficult to clean will end up feeling like a pain no matter how cute they are, so take a moment before you pick up that delicate lace bedskirt (a mistake I made myself once) and think about how much fun that thing will be to hand wash (answer: zero fun).

3. Don’t Paint Yourself into a (Figurative) Corner

Nearly everyone I know came out of their first year of college a bit different from how they went in. You grow up, you try new stuff, your tastes change. No matter how much you love fluffy unicorns or your favorite band in August, keep in mind you might feel differently by February. Don’t decorate in any way that won’t allow you to adjust.

4. Check the Rules

Speaking of paint (see above!) — put down the brush! Before you make any permanent or semi-permanent changes, check to see what your dorm (or apartment) rules are. Many places don’t allow holes in the walls or any new paint colors. A little homework in this area can save you a lot of cash when it comes time to get your deposit back. Tapestries are popular in dorm rooms for a reason. We are simply obsessed with this one!

5. Check the Specs

Before you fall in love with that standard sheet set or awesome area rug, check how big the beds and room will be (note: a lot of college beds are extra-long). You might save yourself some trouble and money by double checking your space before you buy. While you’re at it, toss in a couple of throw pillows: they’re super-duper versatile.

Make it Yours

Reflect your personality, your hobbies, your friendships, and your passions. Include things that are unique and important to you.

For colorists, this almost certainly includes printable coloring pages and posters! Order your coloring poster, and use it to make your room totally unique and full of school or sorority spirit! Then have a coloring party with your friends, your team, or your new dorm-mates. Something so uniquely yours will be a perfect touch to help your room reflect something personal about you. Remember that the friends you make your first year of college will probably be friends for life; creating something together is a great way to commemorate your first year together!

Now that your room is decorated and personalized, we’d love to see it (especially if you’ve included some coloring in your decor)! And if you’ve found any other favorite ideas or inspirations for dorm decorating, we’d love to know about those too! Once you’ve got your room decorated, post a picture on Instagram and tag us! We can’t wait to showcase your inspired creations!

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