20 Hamilton Lyrics For The Most Epic Summer Vacation Ever

Ever since I saw Hamilton in January (that’s right — I saw it, in real life and EVERYTHING!), I’ve struggled to keep it out of my thoughts. (Except, let’s be honest, it’s not so much a “struggle” as it is a cross between an obsession and a blissful surrender …) Pretty much everything I see and do is now tinged with Hamilton lyrics and images. I wake up every morning determined to not throw away my shot, I'm prone to shouting To the revolution! at inappropriate times (but is there really an inappropriate time?), and I can be dissolved into tears at the utterance of three little words: “It’s quiet uptown …”


So, since to me, the answer to any question is pretty much “Hamilton!,” it doesn’t seem too shocking that I think it’s perfect to welcome the imminent beginning of summer vacation using the world-shifting lyrics of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic musical.

Let’s Go …

Before we get too excited, don't forget about your pre-vacation exam and paper hell at the end of the year.

Hamilton Why Do You Write

Because I thought it was such a good idea to take all of these classes and credits and I procrastinated and went to too many parties and and and just because, so get off my back, Burr!

And now you’ve got that nervous feeling while you’re waiting for your grades, wondering if you’ve done enough, because we all know that

College Coloring Books Hamilton sinners and saints

So you cross your fingers and hope.

But Then, It Happens!

Finals and exams are over, and then we get that feeling like


College Coloring Books Hamilton Raise a Glass

At least not until next fall. But let’s not focus on that just yet …

You wake up that first morning of summer vacation feeling all

College Coloring Books Hamilton Million Things

Almost immediately followed by that overwhelming feeling of

College Coloring Books Hamilton King George Awesome

Because there are just too many options.


So then you’re stuck on your couch -- or in bed under the covers -- and things are not at all shaping up the way you imagined, but you keep telling yourself

Which makes you feel a little bit better, until you realize you’ve been sitting around the house for a week, and the dishes and laundry are starting to pile up, and you’re going to have to do something about it soon, but the truth is

And then, just as you’re about to have to start tidying up, a friend calls and says

College Coloring Books Hamilton Can I Buy You A Drink

You make yourself presentable, show up, and

College Coloring Books Hamilton Everybody's Dancing

Which is pretty awesome, even though your friend is saying

College Coloring Books Hamilton HOME BY SUNDOWN


You convince her to stay and before you know it, it’s all

College Coloring Books Hamilton Two pints of sam adams

Which inevitably leads to

College Coloring Books Hamilton livin fast and we laugh


College Coloring Books Hamilton LET'S HAVE ANOTHER ROUND

Which, let's face it, is just a classier version of I love you, man!

There's Nothing Like Summer in the City

From there, the nights start to blend together. Some of them are more

College Coloring Books Hamilton someone in a rush

While others

College Coloring Books Hamilton trouble in the air

Heh. Oops!

Before you know it, it’s August, (we have no idea how that happened, either) and you’re thinking more about packing and roommates than you are about summer fun. That is until your BFF calls you up and says

College Coloring Books Hamilton TAKE A BREAK

It's the last night of hanging out; you say goodbye

College Coloring Books Hamilton ONE LAST TIME

You pack up and head back to school.

le sigh

But thanks to Hamilton, you can tell your story of the most epic summer vacation ever!

Aaaaaand scene

Thanks for checking out our compilation of Hamilton memes!

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