11 Things You DEFINITELY Want on Your Mother’s Day Wish List

Hey there moms! It’s almost that time of year again: Mother’s Day!  Which means it’s YOUR day, a day that’s all for you, a day of peace and pampering … actually, it’s a day that’s probably a lot like all the other days (except maybe with brunch).  But here’s your chance to change that!  When they ask, “But what do YOU want for Mother’s Day?”, what will you say?  We’ve got some great ideas for what you can ask for to make it the best Mother’s Day yet!  (And if they don’t ask, there are no rules against dropping massive hints!)

Whether you’re wishing for some self-care time (i.e., some coffee or wine time), or you you’re more of a craft and color type (who might go for a printable coloring page instead), we’ve got some inspirations for what to ask for so that they can get you the PERFECT gift this Mother’s Day!

Card with text "Mom, may your bottle of wine be bottomless"

The Perfect Card for Mom

What they think we want for Mother’s Day: flowers, chocolates, coffee mug, brunch.  What we really want: flowers with wine, chocolates with wine, mug full of wine, brunch with mimosas (hey — we’re not savages).  Oh, and a card decorated by the kids (we’re COMPLETE suckers for those).  Plus wine.

Ask your hubby to get the kids to color this card (super sentimental)!  It will also remind him to buy the wine (did we mention we love him?)!  It’s a total wine … er, win!

"Swearing with Shakespeare" coloring book

“Thou Smell of Mountain Goat”

If you’re a mom and you don’t feel like swearing at least a few times each day … what’s your secret?!?  But if you’re like me (and probably most of us) you’re probably muttering SOMETHING into your coffee or other beverage of choice (see above) at some point each day.  Why not stimulate your intellect while satiating your desire to get out those internal linguistic demons?  (I’m not really sure what I’m talking about, either, but stick with me here …)  Take a few minutes of downtime with your aforementioned coffee (or whatever) and get in some coloring therapy while increasing your off-color vocabulary with our Swearing with Shakespeare Coloring Book!

Donut coloring card

A Sweet Note

Nothing is sweeter than a heartfelt, handwritten note … unless it’s one of these super-sweet personalized donut coloring note cards!  Send a tasty treat to your favorite sweetie, personalized with your name or a favorite message!  Hand-decorate each card with your favorite colors or a special design crafted just for the recipient.  The secret ingredient is the care you put into it!

Plant in pot that says "Please don't kill me"

For Green Wishes Without Green Thumbs

If you’re like me, and you enjoy having plants … but you struggle with KEEPING plants, then this might be just the perfect thing for your windowsill!  (That’s where plants are supposed to live, right?)  You can customize it with who it’s being gifted from, and it’s so adorable that you might just remember to water the plant this time.  And if it doesn’t work out … you can always put the next leafy victim in there in the future!

travel organizer

For the Traveler

For moms that travel with their families, you know it’s inevitable that you’ll be the one stuck carrying everyone’s documents throughout the journey.  During our years of travel, we’ve come up with more and less graceful ways of keeping track of everything on our trips.  I’m always trying super hard not to lose our passports, visas, boarding passes, etc. (and don’t even get me started on the snacks).  It would be so much simpler with one of these gorgeous family-sized travel wallets or passport holders.  Choose the one that fits your aesthetic and logistical style the best, and bon voyage!

water color journal

An Inspiring Journal Created Just for You

For those of us trying to get organized (is anyone NOT on this list?) an inspiring, personalized bullet journal can be just the tool to help us focus and get our creative and organizational juices flowing.  But taking a journal from empty to empowering takes time, inspiration, and energy … and we don’t always have a lot extra of those things on hand.  Fear not!  You can have a bullet journal hand-crafted uniquely for YOU, ready to motivate and inspire!

Spa set

Some Classic Self-Care Time

There’s not a much more classic Mother’s Day gift than a spa gift set.  If you love the classics, but want something a lot more special than what they’d get at the mall, check out these personalized, plant-based, all-natural gift sets filled with candles, bath bombs, soap, lip balms, and more!  I love how many types of sets there are — it’s easy to choose one that best reflects your own personality!

quilled paper jewelry

A Unique Take on a Jewelry Gift

These quilled paper accessories and keepsakes stand out among the Mother’s Day crowd.  The handcrafted paper designs yield completely unique creations perfect for the craft or paper enthusiast.  Whether you’d love a special decor piece, or a piece of jewelry created specifically for you, these pieces of quilled paper art are not to be missed.

Watercolor of building and landscape

Home is Where the Heart is

For a Mother’s Day gift that is heavy on sentiment and certain to be meaningful, a custom watercolor portrait of YOUR home simply cannot be beat.  Own a gorgeous piece of custom art that forever captures the family home, and is sure to hold a special place in your heart.

t-shirt with "Mom" print; children's names inside heart "O"

Customized Mom T-Shirt

Or maybe you want to go with a different type of Mother’s Day classic?  Something “from the kids” that (let’s be honest) you might actually get to use on days OTHER than Mother’s Day?  Check out these fabulous sparkly custom Mom t-shirts, which are personalized to include your kids’ names!

Mug that says "Home is where Mom is"

Choose a Coffee Mug You’ll Love

If you’re more of a coffee mom than a wine mom (or maybe you’re both, which we totally relate to!) then why not make a suggestion that you know might already be on their list?  Ask for this lovely mug that will definitely remind you of Mother’s Day throughout the year, but which you’ll be able to use in every season.

Share Your Mother’s Day With Us!

What will you be asking/hinting/shopping for this Mother’s Day?  Do you have something great in mind we should share?  Have you gotten something in the past that was just THE BEST THING to receive as a gift for Mother’s Day?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!  And join our Facebook group for first access to a Mother’s Day freebie for all the moms out there!  We’d love to hear what’s inspiring you this Mother’s Day!

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