10 Unique Ideas for a Fabulous Bid Day Basket (that will make her new sisters kinda jealous)

It’s that time of year again — it's time for bid day, and for a fabulous bid day basket!

Depending on where she goes to school, your daughter’s bid day might be right around the corner! (Or, it might be in 6 months, but hey, we’ll re-post this again in the winter to remind you.) For a young woman who has had her heart set on a particular sorority — maybe she’s a legacy, or maybe wanting to join THAT sorority is what made her choose the school she goes to — or a young woman who got to college and felt an instant “click” of affinity and belonging with a certain group of girls — bid day might be the biggest day of her collegiate life (so far, anyway).

And so, you want to celebrate her!  The best way to celebrate is with a fantastic, personalized, unique and AWESOME bid day basket that reflects her, her choice, and her AMAZING new sisterhood!

An aside … what’s a bid day basket?

New to the whole Greek life thing?  No prob.  Here’s a primer:

During “rush”, girls visit a variety of sororities, meet the girls who are already members, learn about what makes each sorority tick, and starts to sort out which one works best for her.  On the last night of rush, she makes a list of the sororities she would be interested in joining.  Then, the next day, the sororities give a “bid” to each girl they’d like to have join their house.  Hopefully, it’s a match made in heaven!

Now, back to celebrating with a bid day basket!

Oh, wait … what’s a bid day basket?  It’s a celebratory collection of fun and/or useful sorority-themed gifts to commemorate the big day when she becomes a new member of her sorority.  It’s stuff to decorate with, stuff to wear, stuff to use — anything and everything from cups to hats to notepads to sweatshirts to stickers … and it ALL has her new letters on it!

Ok, so now we’re good!

We’re big believers that being unique is always a plus, and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite items for a totally special, utterly fabulous bid day basket for YOUR new sorority girl!


Who doesn’t love stickers?  They can go on everything from notebooks to cards to books to … well, literally anything that’s a got a solid surface!  Our favorites are these from Sorority Shop.  They’re themed and colored uniquely to each sorority, and they’re totally gorgeous!


sorority notecards

Note cards

We adore the note cards from Original Greek Design featuring illustrations of the actual sorority houses from campuses around the country!  (Of course, we’ve also got our own line of note cards as well!)

sorority notecards, coloring notecards, sorority gift


woman holding water bottle with Greek letters

Water bottles

If you’re looking for something you KNOW she’ll use, and you want something to really help her show off her letters, we are super in love with these fabulous water bottles from A-list Greek!  These are practical and gorgeous and so much fun!


Makeup bag

A bag that carries all of her essentials for getting ready, or everything she needs for a night out if she uses it as a small purse — AND it’s got her new house letters on it?!?  Seriously, how cute is this bag?!?


Plastic cup with Greek letters


Here’s another one that definitely goes in the “will absolutely get used” pile: these gorgeous tumblers from The Sorority Spot!  They’re in the sorority colors, and uniquely decorated for each sisterhood!


I am absolutely in love with these sorority cuff bracelets from Katy Ryan Designs!  Our favorite part?  You can add a secret line of text to the inside of the bracelet for extra inspiration!


greeting card

Greeting card

To top off your basket, you’ll want to enclose a note to tell her how happy and proud you are of her (and so she knows who to thank)!  We’d love to suggest a card from Greekings!  (Keep their page handy, because she’ll want to order from them again for future events and milestones!)


sorority coloring book

Coloring book (um, OF COURSE)

(You knew we were going to get here, right?)  We are definitely of the opinion that there’s nothing better for a unique and memorable bid day basket than a College Coloring Book featuring her new sorority!  We create beautiful, sophisticated coloring books tailored to each sorority (and made specifically for adults who need to unwind or find a creative outlet to blow off some steam).  They’re the perfect combination of fun and functional, and a truly unique item that her new sisters will want to share!  (Coloring party!!!)


colored pens

Coloring accessories

If you’re going to go with a coloring book (and OF COURSE you are), then we’d also suggest some coloring supplies to go along with it.  Our favorite choices to round out her basket are these printable coloring pages, colored pencils, glitter gel pens, and/or a large pack of gel pens.


sorority basket contents

Or … you could buy a whole basket!

If all of this “assembling your own basket” isn’t for you, you can always buy one of the many lovely and carefully created bid day baskets that come pre-made.  Like, perhaps, this one from Brown Bag Etc… featuring a very familiar set of sorority coloring books that you might just recognize … wink, wink!  (Now, go check it out!)


So, with that, you’ve got a pretty great collection of items to celebrate your daughter and her new sisters!  These items are sure to come together to make a bid day basket as special and unique as she is!

But we also want to hear from YOU!  What are you wishing for in your bid day basket?  Or, what was the best thing you found in yours on your big day?  Comment, email, message, Tweet or Instagram us to let us know which of these ideas inspired you!  We love to hear (and share) your ideas!

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