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Why Coral is the Spark Behind our Rebrand

The last of our new color palette is a warm, vibrant, peachy coral that transports us to a beach in the tropics or the hearth on a winter night.
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Why Teal is the Soul of our Rebrand

The next color in our new collection is teal, a tranquil blue-green that makes us feel warm, breezy, and totally relaxed. 
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Why Magenta is the Energy Behind our Rebrand

A vibrant and energetic addition to our new color collection, magenta is a bright, rosy, vivid pink that makes us think of summer and girl power!
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Why Yellow is the Heart of Our Rebrand

The first in our new set of signature colors is a bright, citrusy yellow with just a hint of green undertone. It’s fresh, youthful, and vibrant, and we hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired us!